first day of school!

this morning my daughter headed off to her first day of 8th grade. hard to believe. and even though i had the WHOLE summer to compose a lunch note, i failed to enclose one in her lunch. not even a scribbled “love you” on torn paper! but i did bake her Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants for breakfast and made an iced vanilla coffee with heart-shaped coffee ice cubes to go along with!


winding down

lunchnotes have been sort of scattered for the past couple of weeks. there have been field trips and pizza party lunches and other things. but here are the last lunchnotes for the 2009-2010 school year. she tells me she still wants lunchnotes next year in 6th grade. we’ll see!

eep! only 10 more days of 5th grade!

i was attempting to get this finished for the kwerner color challenge but i missed it by about 4 hours!