get hungry

cooking ahead

sometimes on sundays or mondays (if i’m not working) i cook up foods to keep in the fridge to make packing lunches quick and easy (and brainless!)

image oct 7 1today i cooked spelt berries, wheat berries & a kamut/orzo/mirepoix combo. only the kamut/orzo has seasonings. the spelt & wheat berries are plain so we can put whatever vinaigrette on them. or heat them in a pan and add seasonings.

image oct 7 2 2013

also baked up a block of extra firm tofu:

drain/press, slice 1/4 inch,
put on baking sheet with olive oil, balsamic vinegar & trader joe’s 21 seasoning salute.
20 minutes @ 350 then flip.
20 more minutes @ 300 then turn the oven off and let rest in there for about a half hour.
if you want the tofu a little drier you can transfer the slices to a rack for the resting time but it’s not necessary.  if you don’t have sodium restrictions you might want to add some kosher salt to the tofu after you flip it. i plan to put these slices on salad and i always salt/pepper my greens when i pack my salad up for lunch so i didn’t bake with salt.


first day of school!

this morning my daughter headed off to her first day of 8th grade. hard to believe. and even though i had the WHOLE summer to compose a lunch note, i failed to enclose one in her lunch. not even a scribbled “love you” on torn paper! but i did bake her Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants for breakfast and made an iced vanilla coffee with heart-shaped coffee ice cubes to go along with!

sunday lunch

after a gorgeous morning thunderstorm that was nice and windy but a little too short, we got started on watching some Olympics coverage. now it’s time for a quick double decker BLT lunch with yellow tomatoes from the neighbor’s garden.


party day

one of the platters for the class party. the other platter was all veggies and dip. someone’s parents brought two cheese pizzas and we had pretzels and juice as well. no cupcakes! no iced lofthouse cookies! i was shocked (and impressed) that no one brought any sweets!

these were my daughter’s class valentines. we wanted to go with something sort of eco-friendly. we didn’t but any new supplies for these…just used bits from past years. (the andes mints were fresh, though.) the idea was to pop the cloud and get a little burst of minty freshness.

made up of: black construction paper, stitched on machine; tissue paper cloud; printed sentiment; andes mint. the backs had her signature, little recycling triangles and foam hearts (not very eco-friendly but we were using things up!)