pattern thank you

image oct 2 2013


this thank you card is for a woman who loves collecting vintage clothing. she also loves sewing projects. she makes lots of pillows! here i’ve used some of the leftover half-circles from an earlier project.


blank & simple

image oct 4 2013


the outside isn’t blank, just the inside. playing with pattern mixing a little bit. and i have this nice crochet yarn that is green & cream and i wanted to use a bit on a card.

so very lucky

This is a thank you card I made for my daughter to send to very dear friends as a thank you for her birthday gift. Love this paper and how it looks like vinyl!


Whipped up a few cards to send to family along with school and tennis pictures. I have LOTS of half-circles left over so I can make more!

fresh card

A family friend just had rather major surgery and I wanted to send along some good wishes to him while he heals.

Today is Monday and that means a fresh start! This week we plan to:

1. Assess the child’s clothing situation to see what fits, what doesn’t, what’s needed before it’s Back to School;

2. Head down to Jungle Jim’s International Market and IKEA. Not because we really need to but because it’s always fun to pick up exotic ingredients at great prices and, well, why do you need a reason to go to IKEA?;

3. Take kittens to vet for spay & neuter! Not going to be fun for anyone involved but we understand the importance of having this done!