my name is kathie. i am married to the most amazing man and have one absolutely amazing daughter (age 10.) we live in southwest ohio in an old, old (1880) home and could spend all of our spare time working on it but instead we let the small things go in favor of spending time together doing the fun stuff. i work part-time at our local school as a substitute teacher. call me crazy but i love my job! i worked for 10 years at an alternative radio station (woxy-fm, 97X) so what i do now is completely opposite from that except that the personalities in a classroom can be just as demanding as radio dj’s!

i feel every day is an opportunity to create something new. one day it might be something lovely to eat. one day it might be a card for a friend. (one day it might be a card to fit a challenge!) but each school day is a time to send a note of love along in my daughter’s lunch. sometimes i will share those things here.

my philosophy of card-making and paper-crafting involves reusing materials and being creative with new materials. i don’t have any fancy machines or dies, a bucket of stamp pads or shelves of stamps. i have lots of markers, lots of card stock, a few embellishments and a handful of stamp pads and stamp sets.

my aim is to make nice things to give to others. everyone wants to feel cared for and we all deserve something nice to come our way once in a while. if i can help that happen, i’m happy.