cooking ahead

sometimes on sundays or mondays (if i’m not working) i cook up foods to keep in the fridge to make packing lunches quick and easy (and brainless!)

image oct 7 1today i cooked spelt berries, wheat berries & a kamut/orzo/mirepoix combo. only the kamut/orzo has seasonings. the spelt & wheat berries are plain so we can put whatever vinaigrette on them. or heat them in a pan and add seasonings.

image oct 7 2 2013

also baked up a block of extra firm tofu:

drain/press, slice 1/4 inch,
put on baking sheet with olive oil, balsamic vinegar & trader joe’s 21 seasoning salute.
20 minutes @ 350 then flip.
20 more minutes @ 300 then turn the oven off and let rest in there for about a half hour.
if you want the tofu a little drier you can transfer the slices to a rack for the resting time but it’s not necessary.  if you don’t have sodium restrictions you might want to add some kosher salt to the tofu after you flip it. i plan to put these slices on salad and i always salt/pepper my greens when i pack my salad up for lunch so i didn’t bake with salt.


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