fleas begone!

we are trying (and have been for several weeks) to rid our home and cats of fleas. on top of vacuuming almost every day, i’ve tried the holistic route using diatomaceous earth, feeding them brewer’s yeast and zinc and that has helped a little but  the DE makes quite a mess through the house: it looks like a talcum powder bottle exploded! we have bathed the kittens several times in Dawn and that gets some of the fleas but not all. most websites discourage flea collars because they are just a ring of poison around your cat’s neck. but we tried them anyway. there were fleas UNDER the collars! so we broke down and bought some of this:



and guess what? it doesn’t work either. i know fleas are super bad this season but it makes me sad to see my kitties with scabby necks and being itchy and it makes me mad to spend $18 on a product that is supposed to kill fleas within 15 minutes but there are still FLEAS RIGHT WHERE THE PRODUCT WAS APPLIED! our 2 kittens are heading to the vet to be spayed/neutered on Thursday and it’s embarrassing to have to take them in with all these bugs. i guess we’ll just keep on with the DE and the vacuuming and the combing and the hand-picking (which is pretty tricky with kittens!) until we get a hard freeze and i can send them outside!





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