the first week of may

monday was a field trip for the students who will be starting band next year. since i went on the trip and ate lunch with all the kids there was no lunchnote.

i really love this note. i made it a long time ago and thought it was too big for a lunchnote. the blue and white check is a quilted square. the flower/stem is sizzix die cut and i love the big yellow button. i thought the card looked sort of grown up so i included it on the day of the “growing up” talk.

from one of my favorite notes to one of the ugliest notes i’ve made in a while. i just don’t know how to use this birds and branch stamp from hero arts. need to do some research on that.

and then i love this note. this hedgehog is so cute. it comes with another (boy) hedgehog so you can make them kissy face! i bought the stamps at michael’s.

friday was the trip to kings island with the SAIL kids. dad went with daughter and they had to take disposable pack lunches. i got the boxes from flower factory and decorated with sharpie. daughter decorated her dad’s. the other side of the one i did has a bus and stick figures of daughter and dad and the clipboard they were going to have to carry in order to do all the math and science problems related to amusement park rides.


One comment

  1. You have been busy posting. Loving all your cool creations. First card is truly awesome and so fun~ Hope the trip to KI was great. We were bummed that they changed the date and then we couldn’t go:( Love the lunch boxes. Really awesome. Sophie’s drawings and lettering are very good. Tell her I said she rocks!

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