january kick-off

notes for the first few days back after winter break (we lost two days due to snow but i had alread made one note before school got called so i gave it to her at dinner instead!)

i forgot to make a note for the first day back to school for 2010 [gasp] but she was cool with it. this was for tuesday when we had a 2 hour delay due to snow. diamond stickles!

wednesday…using up the scraps!

button snowman. i tried to make black floss/coal buttons and an orange knot in the nose area but it just wasn’t working out. and then the stamping was too light so i went over it with silver pen and that looked sort of crummy but oh well. this was the lunch note she got at dinner.

monday’s note: the day was likely to be crazy (cat) after two snow days followed by the weekend.

and now we should be back on track. of course i’m working the rest of the week but hopefully i will keep up the posting pace!


One comment

  1. Yeah! So glad you are back to posting your fabulous creations. They are all so awesome I couldn’t comment on each as I have to getChandler dinner and then to get her hair cut. YOU ROCK though…that granite was so cool!

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