mixed bag

i could be a responsible blogging-type person and put each note in its own entry but in the interest of getting these notes from queue to post, i’m just putting them all together here. i did finally create a watermark (and use it!) on a few of these. and i caved and bought the edge punch du jour: Fiskars Upper Crest punch. i love the shape of the curly bracket (also known as a brace)! and it was 45% off!

flu card
this card was sent along in the lunch that followed the H1N1 vaccination extravaganza at school. celebrate your vaccination!

scooby monday
here scooby-doo helps showcase the note. which is just a corner from an 8×8 sheet from the retro collection of scrapbooking papers.

tue 11 03 09
practicing the white embossing on some swiss-dotted kraft…it was in the “use it up” stack.

wed 11 04 09
this note is stamped on the back as well. the pic of the whole card did not turn out and i was too lazy to reset after downloading the pics. love those trees!

wed 11 11 09
this is today’s note. last night was our parent-teacher conference. the first half of the conference was student-led where she got to show us papers she was proud of and read a letter she wrote detailing things she loves about 5th grade, things she’s learned and things she feels she needs to improve on. must brag a little here: the two math papers she shared were 106%-ers…one a worksheet and one a chapter test! i’m sure the lunch notes have something to do with it! 😉

the sad thing (or happy?) is that she has started buying her lunches some days. she still wants a note every day but for now they can be no larger than 2.25 sq and not too layered or they won’t fit in her coin purse. that makes things a little easier for days i’m short on time, i guess. thanks for stopping by!



  1. Super notes. My favorite is the the Scooby Do one. I’m excited to have a look into conferences for tomorrow. I will have AAAALLLLLLLLL the kids. Should be interesting. I like that border punch too. Very classy and/or fun

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