overthetop award from Sammye Jo
so, my awesome friend and fabulous paper-crafter, nikki gave me a web award! i’m not sure i’m deserving of it but i’ll take it anyway! nikki is the person who got me started with stamps and ink and paper and glitter and who gave me the confidence to post my cards and notes online. according to the award i am Over The Top and nikki says part of the reason is because i send a note in my daughter’s lunch every day. (i’ve been doing that since 1st grade and she’s in 5th grade now.) most of the notes aren’t really anything spectacular but my husband convinced me that i should post each day’s note. convincing my shy daughter to let me do so was a challenge and she’s still not very thrilled about it. but she said as long as i don’t share the inside, she’ll be fine with it. so if you stop by to see my notes now and again, thank you. and remember, sending a little love along with someone on even the shortest journey tells that person you’re thinking of them.

ETA: i know i need to send this along to five other wonderful crafters and do the one-word answer list thing but it will have to wait another day….i’m sort of over the top busy right now!


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