lunchnotes lost (may 11-15)

sophie came home friday from school. i asked her to unpack her lunchbox. as she started, she burst into tears. she lost the booklet of lunchnotes i had made for the week.  (when i work everyday i usually make a booklet at the beginning of the week and make an entry for each day.) she thinks she threw it away with her napkin. and even though she is not pleased about me sharing her notes with the internet, she asked me to try and recreate the cover at least so i could take a picture of it. i can’t remember what any of the days’ notes were. monday was a poem thanking her for a great mother’s day and the rest of the days were just “love you”s or “hope your day is great”s. the pages were made with pages taken from a college genetics textbook and i wrote in the spaces where there wasn’t text. except that the inside of this one is blank other than the notation of why it is blank.

lunch may 11 to 15

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