kwernerdesign blog color challenge #50

again, here is the inspiration at

and i know this won’t win any grand prizes but i used the colors for a week of lunch notes. (when i know i’ll be working all week i usually make a set of notes on sunday so i have one for each day.) these notes are all just drawn with the four colors of markers (brown, red, yellow, teal) on white card and they are 2 1/4 x 2 inches.


text for the notes…

monday:  “ok…so you know what’s really cool? / that you’re my kid”

tuesday:  “i wonder… / if you know how amazing you are”

wednesday:  “it’s so not a puzzle / how remarkable you are”

thursday:  “everytime i see your face / it’s like a bright new day”

friday:  “poof / {invisible hug}” (this one went to king’s island in the sack lunch and my husband carried it around the rest of the day in his wallet!)



  1. The notes are great. Do you put them in someones lunch? I teach first grade an one student’s mom does that for her. That is so sweet.

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