lunch notes

finally. some lunch notes on the lunch note blog! i have been including a note in my daughter’s lunch since she was in 1st grade. she is now nearing the end of 4th grade. my husband suggested that i develop a blog to share those notes. however, as with most things i start, the whole thing veered off in a completely different direction.

my daughter is not pleased i am sharing her lunch notes with the internet. i am reluctant as well because some of the notes are really awful looking. but anyway, here are the notes from last week. these notes are approx. 2 inches tall except wednesday’s which is nearly 4 inches tall:

april 13 to april 17


  1. I love all your notes. Sophie is so lucky to have you as a mom. I have a hard enough time just packing lunch, let alone a lunch note. This is something she will always remember. My favorite lunch note is Wednesday. Love that non moving, quiet, non shedding, clawless, cute cat….and I don’t even like cats:) It’s a really cute stamp. Please share where you got it. Also, tell me what the pic is of the blog header? See you soon

  2. I think the header photo is my cracked skull when Sophie found out that I talked Kathie into posting the lunch notes.

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