old testament supper

ok. so it’s not all old testament food and we didn’t have dates or roasted goat but it was still a great supper to have while watching The Ten Commandments (DVR’d from the holy weekend…Yul Brenner had some amazing legs!) we hit Dorothy Lane Market for the goodness you see below. we nearly filled up while shopping, though. samples galore!

10 commandments supperfoods

(not pictured, the incredibly NOT old testament): scotch egg. (the woman at the deli had never had one!)




  1. I must say that you are truly amazing in all your grand “foodness.” We had potpies last night:( Dalton loves them. I will not share your blog pics with my husband though. He would be major jealous. HE makes popcorn when we watch a movie…sometimes we add M&M’s. That is as grand as it gets:)

  2. It was a spread fit for a pharaoh. The only disappointments were the drinks. The Jones was sugar free, the Boylan Ginger Ale is not as flavorful as the Boylan Root Beer, and the Frostie Vanilla Root Beer was too cloyingly sweet with icky vanilla extract aftertaste in my mouth.

    But the food was awesome.

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